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                            Ten types of energy

fossil fuels:

Oil and gas are mainly derived from which of the following sources?
 phytoplanktonic material found in marine basins
Why do fossil fuels generate more power than wood for use in machines, for example?
Fossil fuels have a higher concentration of carbon and hydrogen
What is the one continent on Earth where coal is not found?
Most of the world's oil is found in sedimentary rock that is of what age?
younger than 200 million years
Coal, a common fossil fuel, is formed from which of the following types of organic matter?
tree trunks, leaves, and freshwater plants
Natural gas is composed mainly of which type of gas?
The greatest concentration of oil is found in which of the regions of the world given below?
the Middle East

miércoles, 11 de octubre de 2017

How much do you know about ELECTRONICS?

Answer these questions

1. What are the two places on a battery to which circuit wires can be attached called?
2. What is the path electricity takes called?
3. Materials through which electricity can pass are called ___________ conductors
4. Materials that do not allow electricity to pass through them are called electrical ____________
5. True of False? Electricity is a flow of negative charge
6. What do you use to measure a current in a circuit?
7. What components do you need to make a simple series circuit to light one bulb?
8. Which is the odd one out and why? Steel-glass-iron-tin
9. Why are plug sockets covers made of plastic?
10. True of False? The lead of a pencil (graphite) can conduct electricity.
11. If you put a second battery in a simple circuit, how will it affect the brightness of the bulb?

12. What is happening when a switch is off?

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My name is Alvaro Cristian Alvarez, I am 16 year old, I am study in the Tecnica 1, in the specialty from  Electronics . I like sports, I practice parkour. I do not like study.

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My name  is Tomas Rolon i have 16 years old. I am a student of 5 year electronics. I like sports and running. My goal i became future engineer in electronics. The english help us understard text and get to have a knowledge greater.